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Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid

Our experience

thanks to our branches in Poland, Spain and Finland, we stand out with great

knowledge of the European market. We sell medical products for treatments

in the field of aesthetic medicine, mainly hyaluronic acid fillers.

The highest quality

The highest quality of the product at a reasonable price

Effectiveness and safety

extensive research in accordance with rigorous quality standards

Cooperation with doctors

Constant cooperation with doctors specializing in aesthetic medicine

Certified laboratories

Laboratories with a certified quality system

dermal fillers

A reliable series of

hyaluronic acid fillers with

extremely high

concentration, providing a

wonderful and long lasting

filling effect.



Mirage Dermal Fillers have

the highest purity, this

means that the remains of

unbound BDDE are negligible

and amount to <0,5 ppm

which guarantees the

smallest possible side effect

of this type of preparations.

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Conscientiousness and honesty are the basis of our activity with over 20

years of experience. We believe that Lumina Dermal Fillers products can

become the key to your success and we are always ready to cooperate.